2018 Retreat Featuring Nouk Sanchez with Dan Boissevain

Event Description: 


12th Annual Weekend Retreat featuring Nouk Sanchez with Daniel Boissevain

"Pathway of Holy Relationship"


This retreat is set to reveal just why Holy Relationships are the direct means by which the entire dream of separation is finally undone. Implementing the “live” transition from special to Holy Relationship represents the final victory lap in our return to Love.


Join Nouk and Daniel as they share many eye-opening discoveries and heart-opening exercises from Nouk’s new ground-breaking book, The End of Death II–Holy Relationship. As pioneers in Holy Relationship, they are boldly trailblazing these revolutionary teachings at a very practical level.



  • We long to be seen!  We long to be accepted, appreciated, Loved, cherished and supported unconditionally. But we harbor a very deep conflict. We’re actually afraid to be seen because we’re terrified to be REAL!
  • Here’s the dilemma. We can’t BE seen - or Loved - unless we learn to be REAL. We’re afraid of our authenticity so we unknowingly project this hidden self rejection onto others, often secretly resenting them for NOT seeing us.
  • Unconscious guilt is denied self-hatred which equates to ongoing self-attack through relationships, sickness, pain, aging, lack, etc. The fastest way to accelerate the undoing of the ego’s attraction to self-attack is through Holy Relationships. 

About Nouk & Daniel: Nouk is best known for her very practical approach to undoing the single cause of suffering - the ego. In 2007 Nouk co-authored Take Me to Truth with Tomas Vieira, which became an instant best-seller. During her darkest night of the soul in January 2011 which was brought about by Tomas’ passing, she experienced a revelation that profoundly shifted her perception. Since then she has received a series of divine transmissions that joyfully reveal Jesus’ deeper message in the Course. The End of Death Trilogy is the exciting culmination of these insights. In 2015, after a 25 year gap, Nouk was blessed with a profound reunion with treasured soul buddy, Daniel Boissevain. Nouk and Daniel have joined in a total commitment to help extend these lifechanging teachings to the world. Nouk literally lives for nothing else.  Her own embodiment of these teachings has escalated through her latest experience and transmissions revealing that Holy Relationships are the crucial, missing key to undoing all forms of suffering. This is the subject of Volume Two (The End of Death). Together with Daniel, their “hands on” extraordinarily practical approach has contributed to startling and miraculous breakthroughs and life-changing turnarounds for many people in their Global online Total Transformation Classes (TTC).

Visit Nouk’s websites: www.takemetotruth.org and www.EndOfDeath.com

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