Council Member Testimonials


Testimonial from Corinne Esneault (2005-2013)

It has been my privilege to serve on the St. Louis ACIM Council since its inception in 2005.  Thanks to the vision of local ACIM student Rene Hernandez, the Council was formed after a special weekend of events commemorating the beginning of the scribing of A Course in Miracles.  Six of us gathered in November of 2005 and began planning ACIM events for the St. Louis community.  We felt we had a large enough Course community here to bring in national speakers rather than always having to travel to the East or West Coasts, and we sure were “right on” in that vision!


In the Council’s first year we had the ACIM picnic, which was held at Queeny Park and also a four-part education series called “Introduction to ACIM” at the Center for Spiritual Living.  In 2006 we held our first local speaker event and also the first retreat at Mercy Center, which featured Robert Perry.  In eight years the Council has planned seven ACIM retreats at Mercy Center, the Silent Retreat, 15 Local Speaker Events, five one-day national speaker events and seven picnics!  We have over 270 people on the local ACIM e-mail list and an additional 240 people we contact on our out-of-town e-mail list.   The Council engages in annual Strategic Planning and budgeting.  We obtain input from the ACIM community through an annual survey and meetings with Study Group Leaders and Friends.  It is a busy volunteer organization and well worth it!


As I step off the Council, I have the greatest confidence in the current Council members, Richard Donnelly, Dan Franquemont, Carole Glauser, Ellen Hendricks, John Mills and Nancy Storm.  I am particularly grateful to John who is graciously taking over the role I had as Council Treasurer.


Thank you to everyone who has supported the Council and its events.  I am looking forward to just being an event “participant” and an occasional “historical advisor” to the Council.  The benefits of serving on the Council are numerous.  I encourage you to consider service to the St. Louis ACIM community, either as a Council member or a volunteer for ACIM St. Louis.


Blessings and love to all,


Testimonial from Richard Donnelly (2007-2014)

Namaste!  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have served on the ACIM St. Louis Council.  It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the ACIM St. Louis Community since 2007. The experience has had a very positive effect on my acceptance of the truth, my understanding of the principles of the Course, and offered numerous opportunities to put these principles into practice.

The Council has been very successful in furthering the efforts of Ruth Hanna by establishing, among other things, a first-class website that informs our community about ACIM Study Groups, ACIM events, and other information of interest to our community.  
The Council is moving forward by incorporating at the state level and possibly going to 501C3 status in the future. I leave the Council before the end of the year in part because of these changes but mainly because I have complete faith in the abilities of the current Council members: Dan Franquemont, Carole Glauser, Ellen Hendricks, John Mills and Nancy Storm. 
As I leave the Council I want to thank the Council members and volunteers, past and present, for their support over the years and also our community that has supported the Council’s efforts to bring to our community those activities that will assist them in their awakening process. As do all past members of the Council, I remain a resource of the Council and the community.
If you are looking for an opportunity to be truly helpful by applying the principles of the Course and to be of service to our ACIM community I encourage you to become a member of the Council or a Council volunteer.
Peace, love, and joy,