History of St. Louis ACIM Speakers and Events

The Council began meeting in November 2005 after a successful weekend in October commemorating the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the scribing of A Course in Miracles.

ACIM Weekend Retreat at Mercy Center (Attendance has ranged from 50-102 ACIM students):


  • 2017: Maria Felipe and Maureen Muldoon - "F.R.E.E. LOVE Without Compromises: Forgive, Remember, Everthing's Eternal!"
  • 2016: Gary R. Renard and Mary Gerard Lenihan - "Climbing the Ladder to Enlightenment"
  • 2015: Diederik Wolsak - "I am the Author of the Dream"
  • 2014: Second Annual Silent Retreat
  • 2014: Carol Howe - "See How Life Works: Open your heart and break free from the ego’s comfort zone!"
  • 2013: First Annual Silent Retreat
  • 2013: Regina Dawn Akers and Scott Grace - “Following Spirit without Hesitation”
  • 2012: Rev. Jennifer Hadley - “Living the Love-Out of our Heads and into our Heart”
  • 2011: Robert Perry, Allen Watson, Greg Mackie - “A Day in the Life of a Miracle Worker”
  • 2010: Carol Howe - “Never Forget to Laugh”
  • 2009: Tomas Vieira and Nouk Sanchez - “Take Me to the Truth: Undoing the Ego”
  • 2008: DavidPaul and Candace Doyle - “How to Hear the Holy Spirit”
  • 2007: Robert Perry - “I Need Do Nothing”

ACIM Day/Evening Presenters (Attendance has ranged from 35-75 ACIM students):


  • Joe Wolfe - "How to Escape the Prison of Your Mind" - 2016 at the Garden of Life Spiritual Center
  • Mari Perron - "Author of A Course of Love" - 2016 at the Garden of Life Spiritual Center
  • Earl Purdy - "Live the Course" - 2015 at the Garden of Life Spiritual Center
  • Jon Mundy -  "There is No Place Like Home" - 2014 at the Garden of Life Spiritual Center
  • Kevin Rice - author of “The Game of Love, Changing the Rules Changes Everything” - 2014 at Mercy Center
  • David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu - "Choose Once Again" - 2013 at Mercy Center
  • Jon Mundy - “Living A Course in Miracles” - 2012 at Unity Church of Peace
  • Regina Dawn Akers - “True Revelation Through Letting Go” - 2009 at the Divine Science Church
  • Jon Mundy - 2008 at Soul-Esteem Center (SEC), co-sponsored with SEC.
  • Karen Casey - 2006 at Eliot Unitarian Chapel

There have been 16 presentations by local ACIM students, which are typically held on Saturdays and draw from 12-50 ACIM students.

The St. Louis ACIM Council hosts an annual ACIM picnic, which averages 50 ACIM students.