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From Carl Van Alstine - A DIARY OF MIRACLES

This is an excellent Year-End gift, for people who study the course and wish to keep their own journal from day to day and to continue a way to forward their growth each day.  It has no abridged data, is merely an open diary for you to start your day and to end it, studying the lesson for the day.


Contact Carl Van Alstine at 636-282-2221


From Julie Morreale & Corinne Esneault: “Attitudinal Healing” Support Groups in St. Louis


“Attitudinal Healing” (A.H) groups facilitated by Julie Morreale and Corinne Esneault began in early 2011. Our primary focus is on the healing power of love, forgiveness and one-ness. This transformation occurs through ordinary people in extraordinary support groups. Participants meet once a week for 12 weeks where they read, study, share and apply the 12 principles of Attitudinal Healing found in Gerald Jampolsky’s book “Teach Only Love.”


The groups provide a safe place where trained facilitators support individuals as they learn to shift their thoughts from fear to love, in a confidential and caring environment.  Most importantly, we recognize our one-ness in that we are teachers and students of each other on this path of healing our minds.


Julie Morreale, M.Ed. LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She was trained to facilitate A.H. groups at the Center for Attitudinal Healing in Sausalito, California. She is a retired teacher and a practitioner of “A Course in Miracles.” Corinne Esneault, MA, TRS is a trained healing listener, “A Course in Miracles” group facilitator and she serves as a Pastoral Care Associate for Eliot Unitarian Chapel. She is retired from a career in physical medicine and rehabilitation services.


A.H. helped me with developing tools, even a language to use for guidance and to help me recognize when I am challenged, that I have techniques to bring me back into balance or at least admit that I am stuck and know I can get back as soon as I shift my thoughts to ones of peace, acceptance and LOVE!”

- A.H. Group Participant


To participate in an Attitudinal Healing support group contact:


Julie Morreale: j.morreale@charter.net or

Corinne Esneault: cesneault@charter.net or

visit www.ahstlouis.org


To learn more about “Attitudinal Healing” go to: www.ahinternational.org


From Jan Worley

Ordained Minister Services

Jan Worley is an ordained minister and would be happy to officiate at ceremonies for life events such as a wedding, a funeral, blessing of a baby, and coming of age. These rites of passage ceremonies would have A Course In Miracles orientation. They would support the heart felt feelings of love and oneness appropriate for each type of service, and allow the family and Course community to participate in the positive aspects of meaningful rituals of important life events. The ceremonies are meant to be supportive of students of the Course and of their immediate family members. A formal consultation would be necessary to understand the situation and requirements, and to plan the event. After a consultation, if Jan is willing to be the officiant, there would be no charge for his services for current students of the Course. For non-Course students, there would be a fee.  Contact Jan at 636-458-2402.



The following formal presentations (Power Point like, laptop, projector, & screen) can be scheduled to be given by Jan to any ACIM study group or set of individuals; please call him at 636-458-2402 to make an appointment for him to come to your location and give one of these highly informative presentations on ACIM subjects.


"Do Bad Things Happen?"
"Forgiveness and Guilt"
"Meditation According to ACIM"
"Prayer According to ACIM"
"The Real World"
"Reality and Illusion -- Part 1 (Reality -- Eternity, God, Sonship, Holy Spirit)"
"Reality and Illusion -- Part 2 (Illusion -- The Separation)"
"Special Relationships and Holy Relationships"
"We Each Have a Special Function"
"What Is A Miracle?"
"Doctrinal Differences Between ACIM and Major World Religions"
"I Need Do Nothing"
"A Healed Mind Does Not Plan"
"ACIM and the Bible"
"The How of Happiness"
"Living the Course Day by Day and Month by Month"


From the Mercy Chair, new ebook from Mary Feagan and Fearless Publishing, costs $4.95 to download


Inspired by A Course in Miracles, Mary writes about blowing her mind, watching TV with Grandmama God, whining, opening a pub, cavorting with her inner moose, and much, much, more.


Many of the 50 poems in this digital volume are highlighted with Mary's original illustrations, and seven of them are linked to YouTube videos of Mary giving readings you'll never forget.  Read More...


To see some of these poems and illustrations, and to order and download the book, go to Fearless Books.


If you ever want Mary to be a guest "performance poet" at a gathering, ACIM or even slightly related, just ask her.  She likes to say her poems to live audiences.  You may email requests to: maryellenfeagan@gmail.com


From Mary Alberici:  ACIM Support at Sundarya.com


Mary Alberici, Ph.D., an ordained minister and certified coach and spiritual director, founded Sundarya in 2003. Mary was led by Holy Spirit to offer Spiritual Direction & Coaching for the healing and awakening that takes place through the study and practice of A Course in Miracles, after studying and teaching the Course for many years (the Course found her in 1989).  Since 2005 she has facilitated a free ACIM Teleclass every Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m.  Since 2007 Mary's Blog has offered regular posts on spiritual awakening through applying the metaphysical principles given in A Course in Miracles, with an archive of hundreds (over 5 years’ worth) of blog posts for those looking for written spiritual inspiration.  At the Sundarya website you can also find free introductory recordings and other resources, and a link to the Claire Foundation, an animal sanctuary Mary founded in 2007 based on the metaphysical principles from A Course in Miracles. All of this and more is on the Sundarya website.





Mary is available for one-on-one spiritual direction and coaching, and for special presentations to small groups on living the Course, and living daily miracles.


You may contact Mary directly at mary@sundarya.com or call her at 573-701-4715.


From Anu French: I am You, and You are Me


I am You, and You are Me celebrates a message of oneness and unity. This children's book's underlying theme is that we are all more similar than we are different. It's a great book to read to young children (ages birth through 7) and simple enough to be a learning-to-read-book. It helps children early on, to absorb the awareness of how we are all connected to each other, connected to our earth, our joy,our love, our peace and light. Through colorful illustrations and words, the book reminds us that we can live rom a pure place of believing and knowing that I am you and you are me.

Available from:

From Connie Batsell: Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is a time where the client and counselor focus on having a true healing. True healing means that we are no longer looking for answers outside ourselves, and instead we are able to tune into the guidance and wisdom of our Higher Self. The counselor is a safe and compassionate person who has been trained to listen attentively, ask gentle questions, and has no judgments or opinions about what you're sharing. In a counseling session, you are able to bring to the table any relationship, financial, health, emotional, and career challenges that you want to heal. The two of us will explore how your thoughts have created the challenges you are facing in your life. Also, we will work together to decide on tools that you can use outside of the session to further support you healing your mind and to bring forth the peaceful life you desire!
Clients pay for the sessions on a voluntary donation basis (whatever you feel inclined to give is appreciated). The length of a spiritual counseling session is 30 or 60minutes and can be conducted in person or by telephone. 
My background: I am a National Certified Counselor, licensed massage therapist, and reiki practitioner. I currently own a healing practice called Divine Touch Therapy in St. Peters. I am enriching my therapeutic skills through studying spiritual counseling so I can better serve my clients. I am earning my certification in spiritual training from Jennifer Hadley who is a well known and respected ACIM teacher. It is my passion and joy to help people know their True Self!
Contact information: 314-808-1822 or connie.batsell@yahoo.com